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The company is located in Zhapu Economic Development Zone of Jiaxing in Zhejiang Province. In 2008, the zone was named as national “China Chemical New Material (Jiaxing) Zone”. Our company is at the south wing of Yangtze River delta with Hangzhou Harbor, Shanghai-Hangzhou highway, Hangzhou-Pudong highway, Zha-Jia-Su highway, Zha-Jia-Su Zha-Jia-Su and provincial road 01 across or nearby.


Our main products are Chlor-alkali Series, Sulfuric Acid Series, Hot Supply Series, Ortho/Para Series and Fatty Alcohol Series

Chlor-alkali Series

Our Caustic soda factory adopts the most advanced ionic chlorine alkali production technology from Japan Chlorine Engineers company, and builds a 210,000 t/a of ionic be Caustic soda production line in two steps; its related high pure Hydrochloric acid apparatus uses the method, technique and equipment from France. This whole set of production equipment is receiving high reputation for advanced technology, High reliability, low energy consumption and excellent product quality.

Sulfuric Acid Series

Adopting the whole set of equipments and methods from Monsanto company, we have built a 380,000t/a of sulfuric acid production line, and the designed productive capacity is about1,125 tons of sulfuric acid/ day (24hrs). This equipment is operated and controlled by DCS system from Honeywell, with the features as leading methods, compact arrangement, high transfer rate of SO2, SO3 absorption rate and waste heat recovery efficiency. Moreover, we are the first Chinese enterprise that uses steam turbine as the fan powder of sulfuric acid system. Now, we produce almost zero waste and the assay of SO2 in sulfuric acid waste gas is less than 100PPm. We now are a leading company in this field of China.

The quality of our Sulfuric acid series are better than the requirements of top-grade products of China, and the assay of ferric ion <10 Ppm, we are the best manufacturer of China.

Hot Supply Series



Ortho/Para Series


公司生产的硫酸系列产品质量优于国家优级品标准,其中铁离子<10 PPm,为国内最好水平。

Fatty Alcohol Series



Product Sales All Over The World

Jiahua has a broad sales network, and its products are sold to 200 countries and regions around the world
Product Sales All Over The World
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